Shrine Maiden Ch.82

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 82

Kamishiro Souta (Journey)


「I, I want to see…」


… I won.


Having drawn those words out of Souta, I felt a triumphant feeling come over me and was in a good mood.

Souta’s eyes kept flicking towards me on the bed. I wonder if he’s trying as much as possible to pretend that he isn’t looking, even though it’s obvious when seen from my point of view.


This is why virgins are…


I immersed myself in the feeling of superiority while looking down on him.

The current me has had far more experience with women than Souta. That’s why, if I was in a similar situation, I am confident I would be able to stay calm.

I’m different from the virgin, Souta.


… Huh?


At that time, I felt a strange sense of incongruity.


Thinking about this carefully, I’m still a virgin…


Even though I’ve had experience with women, because of this body, I’ve never actually had the chance to insert it.

Moreover, I’ve already lost the partner that I would be inserting. That means, my chance to lose my virginity is gone, there will never be a chance for the rest of my life.

Having finally noticed this fact, I was completely stunned.


「Are you okay? Your face suddenly went blue.」


「Souta. I, I’m going to be a virgin forever…」


「Why are you talking about this now… Did you never do it while in the other world?」


「Actually, I had the opportunity to do it several times, but, because I didn’t want to break Alicia’s heart, I refused it every time…」


「I see. That sounds like a terrible experience.」


「Ahh, my son…」


I instinctively reached for the crotch part of my skirt. However, naturally there was nothing there, it was completely flat.


「Think of it this way, you’ve become a female virgin now! … Look, unlike a guy’s virginity, a girl’s virginity is valuable.」


「… That doesn’t make me happy.」


Even though he was trying to help, every single one of Souta’s words stabbed into me.


「Even so, why bring this up now… Isn’t it a bit late to be getting depressed about it?」


「… That, it’s because I never thought about my virginity until now.」


「Can you not look at my face without associating me with a virgin!?」


「Souta, are you telling me you aren’t a virgin?」


「… No, I’m still a virgin, however -」


「So it’s just like I expected. There is no way that you would keep looking at me like that if you weren’t one.」


「Guh… You say that even though you’re also a virgin.」


「I’ve had experience with women. Unlike you.」


「Y, you’ve done things with other girls!? Wow, you…」


Souta’s eyes go wide as he looked at me.

He’s probably having delusions about me and another girl, certainly.


「And, who was your partner? Is it a girl I know?」


I went stiff at Souta’s question.


「… S, sorry, but I want you to avoid asking that.」


I responded with a muddy answer.

One of them is my imouto. And, the other is your imouto… Do you really think I could say such a thing!?

Though I may be able to tell him about Hisui someday, it’s still too soon.


「I get it, if it comes out people may act strangely around the other girl… I’m sorry, I’ll forget about it.」


Having heard what I said, Souta seems to have misunderstood.


「I’m saved if you understand that…」


I felt a sense of relief.


「More than that, umm…」


「Ah, that’s right. My underwear. Did you really want to see it that much, there’s no helping you, Souta.」


However, I suddenly realized something while saying that.


How am I supposed show it…?


Even though I’ve certainly flashed it by accident before, I’ve never intentionally showed it to anyone.


「… uhh, what should I do?」


I unintentionally asked Souta.


「Can’t you just hold up your skirt and show it to me?」


Souta’s demand was was that of a pervert.

When a girl shows their underwear by holding up her skirt, I think it’s a high quality scenario that I also yearned to see.

But, that perspective was always from the side of the one being shown, I’ve never even thought of how the other person would feel.

However, I’m even more resistant to Souta looking up into the skirt from below, and I can’t think of any other options. There seems to be no other choice.


「I, I get it…」


I got off the bed and stood to the side.

The distance between me and the chair Souta is sitting in was around a meter. The height of my eyes was around the same as Souta’s as he was sitting.


「You have really shrunk…」


Souta says that with a deep emotion.


「Mou, I can’t compete with you in things like height anymore.」


In the past, we would always compete with each other over who was taller. When we last measured it, I remember that I was several millimeters taller than Souta.

However, having become Alice I was easily shorter by over a head. It’s obvious that it’s my loss without even measuring it.

Such a thing made me feel a little sad.


「… Well then, shall I do it?」


I steeled myself, then declared that.

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3 years ago

Can I assume this means the SoutaxAlice ship will really sail?

3 years ago
Reply to  nocoli

I’m preparing the cannons loaded with flaming barrels. The ship will never set sail.

3 years ago
Reply to  kirindas

I agree.

Burn it to the ground.

3 years ago
Reply to  kirindas

better get the land to surface anti ship missile ready for some measure, cause u know cannons are not that accurate.

3 years ago
Reply to  nocoli

Such heresy. Where’s my rocket launcher?

3 years ago
Reply to  nocoli

The ship shall saileth nay matt’r thee do

3 years ago

Please no Souta ship! I don’t want Alice to be tainted!

3 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

3 years ago

I’d be fine even if it ends up as some weird menage a trois. So long as it doesn’t end up like shiraori’s somewhat unclear review, all is well.

3 years ago

I don’t really like it though. If ikutari really likes alicia I would think he would be more protective of her body against males, even if souta is his childhood friend. Not too sure what I should think about this kind of mc when he is like this sigh

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
3 years ago

This chapter, really makes me go “Nani?”. It’s like a couple of high school kids who argue about an eromag, then they realize one is a girl. Ah, it’s so interesting yet annoying, yet dafaq.
Anyway thanks for the translation.