Shrine Maiden Ch.85

A correction from the last chapter, the Christmas party is actually on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas day. Sorry for the mistake.

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 85

Christmas Eve


After being attacked after school, I contacted all of the club members to confirm their safety.


Fortunately, it seemed that I was the only one targeted. Yuna, Hisui, Souta and Ryouka all had nothing happen to them. Since everyone but Ryouka was still at school, we decided that we would all meet in the classroom before going home.


Furthermore, because Ryouka was with an acquaintance when I called her, when I told her what happened and to be careful, I was able to hang up the phone with a peace of mind since she decided to stay at her acquaintance’s house.


When I arrived at the club room, it seems that Yuna and Hisui were quite worried about me, as they both started to aggressively question me about what happened.


As I told the story, they mentioned that we should go to the police, however, I quickly stopped them. For me, considering it was just this level of fighting, I was more concerned with how I would explain what happened to the police and teachers. On top of that, I don’t think they’ll try to take revenge against me.


In addition, I was still worried about what Otori said about magic.

If Aimok is someone from another world, I want to confirm what Aimok is trying to do in this country, as someone who has a stake in the other world.


Moreover, I’m anxious about whether there is a method of going between the worlds. If it’s possible to travel there freely, then it may be possible to visit Alicia’s village again.


And so, Christmas Eve arrived.


There was only the closing ceremony in the morning, then we had the rest of the day off in the afternoon. The Christmas party, that was organized by the student council, was in the evening, with many students participating in it.


As the last homeroom before winter break came to an end, while the rest of the class is filled with a feeling of relief, someone called out to me while I had a pure smile on my face.


「Alice—, I’m here to pick you up—」


When I heard that, I looked towards the entrance of the classroom, Souta was standing there.

This was the first time Souta came to our classroom since the cultural festival, and his first time entering it in it’s everyday state.

I ran up to Souta while carrying more stuff with me than usual.


「What’s wrong, Souta?」


Originally, we were supposed to meet after we had both gone home first. … I wonder what happened?


「Come with me a moment… Okay?」


Apparently, it’s hard to talk about here.




As I responded, a low grumble could be heard behind me. Since a while back, everyone in the classroom was looking at us.


They’re probably thinking that Souta came to invite me for a date…


Souta seemed to also notice the atmosphere, and continued talking in a slight panic.


「Chi, it’s different… Hey, Yuna, come with us. We need to talk.」


「Understood, Sounii.」


Yuna responded to Souta’s request in a friendly manner, causing the surrounding voices to further increase. Among the muttering, disturbing phrases like ‘a sister sandwich’ can be heard. I even felt like I could see the dark aura of jealousy surrounding some of the boys.

Both me and Souta couldn’t hide our unrest at the misunderstanding.


「Sorry to keep you waiting.」


However, Yuna came over to us in a dignified manner, she didn’t seem to be bothered by the surrounding eyes.


「Well then, let’s go to the club room.」


Appearing from behind Souta, Hisui said that.

As the number of girls around Souta increased, so did the amount of noise in the classroom. Even though Hisui is Souta’s sister, the number of my classmates who don’t know that are the majority.

I heard mentions of a harem in the mutters, and it felt like the aura of jealousy from the boys became denser.


「Y, yeah…」


Souta appeared to run away from the atmosphere as he left the classroom, I followed after him with a trot.

Yuna and Hisui casually followed us out of the classroom without being shaken.


Having exited the classroom, we started to make our way to the club room.


「… Are you two okay with that?」


I was already getting tired thinking about what kind of rumor is spreading through the classroom right now. So I asked the two people who didn’t seem to care about it.


「I don’t particularly mind if a relationship between me and Alice become a rumor. Rather, I’m ready to make it into a fact.」


As usual, Hisui wasn’t bothered at all.

In her case, there is no way the rumor would spread further because Souta is her sibling.


「It’s just a bunch of people getting worked up. Anyway, they’ll get tired of it soon enough.」


Yuna took a long term view of the situation.

Certainly, in the past, if Yuna denied a rumor when asked about it, then it would eventually disappear.

I was sure I denied the ones about me in the same way… I don’t get it.


「… But, aren’t you anxious about the various things that are being said about you?」


「Because I haven’t done any of them, I just need to act like normal. If you react to everything, it just makes your opponent happy.」


「… I see.」


However, I’m still not used to being surrounded by those annoying girls. Especially when they’re going on about rumors about love.


「Alice, you… Rather than worrying about stupid things like that, worry about your immediate future.」


While I was thinking such a thing, Yuna told me that.

She’s right.


Yesterday, I had told Yuna and everyone else that I was going to talk to Aimok along with Souta. They nearly fainted when we said that the two of us were going to the group’s meeting.

As a result, Yuna and Hisui are going to wait at Hisui’s house together, then be escorted to the Christmas party by Hisui’s father when the time comes.


That reminds me, is Ryouka in the club room? I haven’t seen her at all since I confirmed her safety over the phone yesterday. Though I’m sure that Souta is looking after her…


We arrived in the club room while I was thinking that.

The room was uninhabited, Ryouka wasn’t there.

Once we sat down in our normal places, we all looked towards Souta.


「So, what did you want to talk to us about?」


Seeming to hesitate on what to say, Souta had a somewhat lost expression. After thinking for a while, he opened his mouth.


「… It seems that Ryouka is currently at Aimok’s place.」


The first thing that Souta said was that shocking revelation.

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3 years ago

Rampage soon? :p

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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I see, Alice will save Ryouka, stealing Souta’s girl. I’m joking but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what happens.

Jeffrey Method
Jeffrey Method
3 years ago

Why do I feel like this Aimok guy is the demon king our protagonist beat in the other world does anyone else feel that way too?

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Method

Um, this is just my idea, but shouldn’t anyone know the face and other details about someone they killed? I know Aimok might be a a new body, but really, if you can’t remember who you killed, then u bad.

3 years ago
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Could have killed way too many to count so he stopped thinking about their faces?

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
3 years ago

Well, thanks for the chapter. Did Ryouka go there herself, was she abducted, or something else, find out in the next chapter 😀
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