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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 87

Towards the Sea


The place that Aimok specified for the meeting was a beach that was around an hour’s walk away from my house. Furthermore, it was the same place I arrived when I returned to this world.

Since the beach is deserted at this time of year, it might be the most suitable place for a meeting like this.


The two of us were riding on Souta’s bike towards the location.

At first, I had planned to go and get my own bike, but soon realized it was impossible for me to ride it with my loss in height, so Souta told me to ride on the back of his.

I was sitting horizontally on the metal part of the bike behind Souta, holding Souta’s waist with one hand as we rode.


「Sorry for making you do all the work, Souta.」


When we stopped to wait for a traffic signal to chance, I talked to Souta.


「Nn… I don’t mind. Instead, is that thing really necessary for the fight?」


Souta looked back as he responded.

I nodded in return.


「This is a staff made from a part of the world tree, it reduces magical power consumption when channeling magic through it. It’s also harder and lighter than iron, so it’s an excellent battering weapon!」


I raised the staff in my hand as I showed it off.


「Oh, a world tree definitely sounds like something out of another world. Did you see it as Ikutari, the world tree?」


Souta’s eyes sparkled as he jumped onto the topic. That reminds me, this guy really liked fantasy.


「Ah, I have… Or rather, I climbed it.」


My eyes went unfocused as I recalled it.


「While being blasted by the gusting wind, I had to fight monsters while jumping from branch to branch, it was quite difficult to climb the few hundred meter tall world tree.」


It’s on my top five list of things I never want to experience again.


「I, is that so. That sounds terrible…」


The staff of the world tree was something I obtained at that time.


「Well then, do your clothes also have an effect like that?」


「Oh… Well, if that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have bothered to wear them…」


I was currently wearing the vestment of the shrine maiden of water that Alicia had worn in the other world.

It was a short one piece with several fancy decorations on it’s white base, I was also wearing matching white knee socks along with a garter belt. It was the regular outfit of the pure and mysterious Alicia.


「This robe has the divine protection of the spirit god of water, Minstia. In terms of protection, it has better performance against blades than chain mail, it can also resist magic to a certain extent, and restores itself after getting dirty or damaged.」


Unlike the blessings that were given directly to me and Alicia, it seemed that the blessings on these items didn’t disappear even after we entered this world, so those properties weren’t lost.


「… That’s amazing.」


「On the other hand, it seems like it cost a small fortune to make, more than you would need to build a house in the other world.」




In this world, it’s an artifact that you wouldn’t be able to obtain regardless of the price, at least that’s what my dad said when he confirmed it’s efficiency.


「By the way, it also has a hot and cold weather resistance function, so I don’t actually need to wear this coat…」


I was wearing the navy blue duffel coat that I would normally use for school over the vestment.


「It’s as magnificent as one would expect…」


I had made sure to put on the coat before we made our way to the outskirts of the city, since just wearing the shrine maiden costume would be enough to turn everyone’s eyes towards me. Though, since it can still be thought of as part of a Christmas event, I think it would still better than when I was wearing it on a weekday…


『… But, this is somewhat nostalgic.』


Alicia started to talk to me with a voice full of emotion. I quickly connected Souta to the telepathy.


『That’s right. It was only half a year ago that I was walking this path the other way while looking like a shrine maiden.』


The last six months have been an exciting experience that was in no way inferior to my year in the other world.

Even this body, that was only uncomfortable at first, felt familiar now… Though I still haven’t gotten used to the monthly visits. Only that was keeping me from being completely used to it.


『However, the coast during the winter is cold… Alicia, though I’ve said this before, we should go to the beach next summer.』


『That sounds like a lot of fun.』


『.. You guys, we’ll be in enemy territory soon, so at least try be we wary of enemy attacks.』


Souta said that with an amazed tone.


『In the other world, it was a daily occurrence to have our life targeted at any time… We’ve gotten accustomed to releasing our tension like this.』


The mind doesn’t work well when your nervous. So the method of relieving tension while maintaining a state that can move immediately when attacked was something I naturally acquired.


『Ikutari, it seems you’ve gained considerable experience over there…』


『… Well, I guess.』


My habit of being excessively aware of my surrounding still hasn’t disappeared, even after having returned to Japan for half a year.


As the signal changed, and we started to move again.


『Ryouka, we’ll definitely rescue her.』




※ ※ ※


The lone road to the coast was blocked by two delinquent looking men holding flashlights.

When Souta stopped the bike, the two of them approached with an intimidating atmosphere.


「The area ahead is reserved for us of Ouroboros today!」


「It’s off limits for uninvolved parties. If you’re here to flirt as a couple, go find another place!」


The men waved their flashlights as they tried to send us away.


「I’m here on your bosses’ invitation. Though I don’t want to be, I’m an involved party for the time being.」


「… You’re the raging wolf of Hirako!? You, I remember your face… I’ll kill you!」


「Wait. Didn’t Aimok-san tell us to let this guys through when he arrived?」




「… Are you going to let us through, or not? I don’t care either way.」


「This guy, to use that tone!」


「Calm down. Didn’t Aimok call this guy here for a public execution? Aimok will get our revenge for us… Here, go on through. You’re in our possession now.」


Saying that, the delinquent opened the road.

Riding the bicycle again, we entered the area of the beach where the group was waiting.

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