Shrine Maiden Ch.88

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 88

Aimok’s True Colors


The scene at the beach was like a completely different world.

The parking lot that would normally be crowded with beach goers in the summer, was instead filled with several groups of people with gaudy hairstyles and appearances. It seemed like there was more than a hundred people in total.

A motorcycle was placed at the center of each group, each displaying a flashy flag. The men (and some women) surrounding them were all sitting like Yankees, while seemingly trying to pick a fights with the other groups.

Apparently, none of the groups had friendly relationships with each other. I felt a little relieved by that, as it would feel hopeless if all of these people attacked us in unison.


『Ryouka, where are you…』


While I looked around for Ryouka, I talked with Souta using telepathy.

I was using telepathy because of the loud exhaust noise from the remodeled motorcycles, it was unlikely that my voice would be heard unless I started shouting.


『In the case of Ryouka, she should be in the area where Ouroboros and that bastard Aimok are… but I can’t tell them apart.』


『Still, why did they choose to gather on Christmas eve…』

Some of the people here would have certainly wanted to spend it with their lovers. For Aimok to have chosen today, he’s truly an annoying person.


『… I wish I knew.』


『Even so, we’re really out of place here.』


Due to Souta’s ordinary commuting bicycle and the normal coats we were wearing, we stood out in this abnormally dressed crowd.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that was making people turn their eyes. Though it would usually be my silver hair that attracted people’s attention, it was Souta who was drawing their gazes instead.


『You’re rather famous among this group of people… Aren’t you, raging wolf of Hirako-san?』


『Ugh, stop it… If you’re going to be like that, should I start calling you pure white fairy-san?』


『… Yeah. It’s pointless for us to hurt each other by doing that, so let’s stop.』


As we exchanged that banter, I noticed movement from an area of the parking lot that had a simple stage set up.

Taking a closer look, there was a familiar figure standing in the center of it.


「… Aimok!」


A single person was standing alone in the center of the stage, a man with impressive blond hair and blue eyes, Aimok Hultur.

Unlike everyone else gathered here, he was dressed in majestic clothes that were similar to that of a priest, with golden embroidery on a black base.


『Ikuto-san, there’s Ryouka-san! She’s in the group to the right behind Aimok!』


When I looked to the area behind Aimok at Alicia’s words, there was a group of delinquents, among them, there was the mismatched appearance of a young lady.

The fancily dressed girl had her arm held by a member of the delinquents, yet there was no signs that violence was being used. Though, as one would expect, her facial expression was stiff…




When Souta let out that yell, Ryouka seemed to notice us and her expression bloomed. Her mouth moved as she said something, probably 「Souta-san…」 or something like that.

… Just wait, we’ll definitely save you.


『I am Aimok Hultur, leader of Ouroboros. Right now, I am speaking directly into your mind.』


Aimok’s voice echoed through my head.




Alicia’s surprised voice echoed in response.

Everyone else who had gathered in the parking lot had a puzzled and confused look on their face. It seemed that Aimok was talking to everyone here using telepathy.


『—— It’s good that you have all gathered in response to my summons. This ceremony. It is not the only reason that I have gathered you gentlemen here today. I want you to help me.』


Aimok’s speech started with his rather unique intonation. It was the same arrogant way of speaking as when we last met him, like a monarch talking to his subjects.


『—— This world is filled with corruption. Even though it is a world that is filled with things and people to the point where it could be called a utopia… Why is this!』


While listening to Aimok’s speech, I looked towards Souta to try and arrange a plan to save Ryouka.

However, Souta was staring at Aimok with a blank expression.


『This is bad! Ikuto-san, put a magical barrier on Souta-san!』


When Alicia told me that, I hastily chanted the barrier magic while panicking, I touched Souta’s arm and wrapped him in the barrier.

Almost immediately, Souta’s eyes regained their light.


『… I, what just happened to me?』


『Aimok incorporated his magic into his telepathy. Because the range is so wide, he can’t completely control people, but it seems he’s using it to ease their tension and make it easier for them to accept his words.』


So this is Aimok’s magic. As expected, this magic is dangerous to humans in a world without magic.


『—— It is because God has long been lost in this world! This world that lost the blessing of God has strayed from its true path and is unable to find salvation. You young people are lost, worried, and suffering, using your day-to-day pleasures to run away from that reality.』


Aimok’s speech continued. The surrounding members of the group listened quietly without raising their voices at what sounded like the dubious preaching of the founder of a new religion. That, in and of itself, was a clearly abnormal scene.


『Hesitation, worry, suffering, all of it, will be accepted by me, Aimok Hultur. And, I will give you the solution to your problems.』


… It’s truly unnecessary help he’s offering.


『—— It is said, that today is a day to celebrate the birth of the son of God. On this day, I swear to all of you. In this world that has been abandoned by your old God, I bring a blessing from the true God. And, instead of the God who abandoned you, I will become the savior who speaks to you as a representative of the true God!』


Though it’s true that there were gods in the other world, I knew that they never had a will of their own, they were merely existences of pure power. It was the person who wielded that power that decided whether it was good or evil.


『As the shrine maiden of the water spirit god, Minstia, I don’t want such a man to speak of God’s will… Speaking with God is essentially speaking to oneself, I can’t allow other people to follow his words.』


『—— Rejoice and celebrate! For I am an apostle of God. Tonight, from this place, I, Aimok Hultur, will bring salvation to this world.』


The dangers of entrusting everything to a single person is a lesson that our world has already learned in the past.

Therefore, if that is what this guy wants to do in this world, it’s my job to stop it, as someone deeply involved with the other world.


『—— I will give you each a role to play. It is the honorable role of a preacher of salvation that delivers my voice to the world. Join Ouroboros and walk beside me on the road of glory! If anyone has an objection to this, raise your voice now.』


Several men started to move in response to those words.


「I’ve had to listen to your bullshit about God for a while now… It’s nonsense! We came here today to crush Ouroboros. Come on, you guys!」


「Ah, I…」


However, it appeared that a lot of men had been moved by Aimok’s speech. So the reaction of the other group members of the man was awkward.


「Chi… You’re all being deceived by this shitty nonsense! To such a swindler, I’ll tear off his mask!」


The man jumped onto the stage. Several people from other groups that thought the same way joined him. Among them were men who had weapons such as knives and wooden swords in their hands.




The men from Ouroboros that were standing behind Aimok started to get ready to enter the stage.


「It’s fine. Because they can’t believe in my power, there are some who won’t follow me… I will be their opponent. I will take on all of them.」


「You, stop joking around! We’ll make you regret saying that!」


With those words as the trigger, all of the men attacked Aimok at once.

The next instant, something began happening at Aimok’s feet.

A black mass emerged from Aimok’s shadow, growing in size before breaking off into several pieces.

The shadowy masses formed into the shape of scythe like snakes, seeming to threaten his assailants.


「He’s using more strange tricks…!」


「Tricks…? No, this is different, this is a miracle of God.」


When Aimok snapped his finger, the shadows extended in all directions and attacked his assailants. When one of the shadows hit the chest of a man, a dull sound rang out, as if he was hit by a bat. The man’s body bent as he was blown away.


「Chikushoooo! You have to be kidding me!」


Another man shook his weapon in a panic towards the extending snake like shadow. However, the shadow changed course with a tricky movement and pierced into the man’s back, he slowly fell to the ground.


Even so, there was still a large number of attackers. Among them, a brave man weaved between the shadows, and attacked Aimok who was boldly standing still.




The fist the man started to swing, however, it shook, then fell to his side.

At a speed that far surpassed an ordinary person, Aimok had moved and slammed his fist into the man’s body.

The man stiffened, then crumbled to the ground.


「… H, hiiiii!? You, what the hell are you!?」


The majority of the men were instantly killed by the shadows, and the remaining men had completely lost their will to fight.


「I told you that it was a miracle of God. This, is a part of the power that God gave to me. I am a priest of the God of darkness, Dakurihipos. I am Aimok Hultur Dakurihipos!」


Aimok loudly declared that.

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