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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 89

A Decisive Battle On Christmas Eve (Confrontation)


『A priest of the god of darkness…!?』


Alicia let out a surprised voice at Aimok’s words.

The four major attributes of water, fire, earth, and air all had a temple honoring their god. The temples had the responsibility of conferring blessings to people, with a priest or shrine maiden chosen to act as a medium. Alicia was one of the chosen shrine maidens.

Furthermore, the temples of light and darkness had long been abandoned, so neither a priest nor a shrine maiden existed… Or that’s how it should have been.

Indeed, when I received a blessing at the temple of darkness, the temple was uninhabited.


『This is the power that God granted me. With this power, I will cause a revolution in this country. Anyone who objects will be given a show of force, those who will follow me, bow your heads.』


Confusion spread at Aimok’s words. But before long, the delinquents all began to prostrate themselves in submission.

It was a truly bizarre sight.


『Wasn’t his mind control magic supposed to be weak…?』


『I may have spoken of it a little too lightly. Seeing what happened here…』


After a while, it was only Aimok and the two of us still standing.


『… Hou, you still haven’t submitted to me, Kamishiro Souta. Indeed, you have met my expectations.』


Having confirmed our appearance, Aimok spoke to us using telepathy.


『Then, let us being the entertainment. Come to the stage.』


Aimok urged Souta with an exaggerated gesture. The two of us glanced at each other and nodded, then began to walk through the parking lot where the delinquents were prostrating themselves.

The stage was rather simple and made of stone, shaped into a rectangle that was around ten meters long. Only Aimok and us were standing on it.

All of the delinquents around the stage had their heads lowered.


「It’s good you came, Kamishiro Souta. I will defeat you, who caused the collapse of the previous Ouroboros, and demonstrate my power, then I will bring salvation to this world.」


Aimok stopped using telepathy and spoke directly to us. The sound of the motorcycle’s exhaust had stopped before I realized it, and there was no longer any hindrance when talking.


「Before that, I kept my promise. So release Ryouka immediately!」


「… Very well.」


When Aimok snapped his fingers, movement could be seen in the group of Ouroboros that was behind the stage, as Ryouka jumped up from her prostrated position.

Ryouka blinked a few times as her eyes wandered around, then seeing us, she ran towards Souta in a straight line.




Ryouka jumped into Souta’s chest.


「I’m sorry, Souta-san! … I, I am!」


Ryouka’s feeling overflowed as Souta started stroking her head, trying to calm her down.


「Ryouka, you’re safe now, I know… That you’re not bad. So, don’t worry about it.」


Seeing the state of my two friends, I turned towards Aimok. There was something I wanted to confirm with him before it was too late.


『Ikuto-san, please allow me to talk.』


Alicia said that to me.

I nodded, then connected Aimok to my telepathy.


『Aimok Hultur Dakurihipos!』


Having his name called through telepathy, Aimok showed a surprised expression for the first time.


「Telepathy, from where? You… Are that woman who was at that school…?」


『My name is Alicia Heleni Minstia, I came here from the same world as you.』


I took off my coat as Alicia named herself. The thin white robes I was wearing underneath were exposed to the cold winter air.


「That vestment, and to carry the name of one of the spirit gods… You, you are a shrine maiden of water.」


『… Are you truly a priest of Dakurihipos? The temple of darkness was abandoned and uninhabited. In the first place, it’s impossible for a person to live in a temple located in the demon lord’s territory.』


「My clan has followed the demon lord for generations by helping the demons obtain a blessing. Of course the temple would be empty and abandoned, as it was unnecessary so long as the priests were alive.」


『You, are you saying that you were cooperating with the demon lord against humanity!?』


「My ancestors were persecuted by the believers of the light, and escaped into that land. We have no obligation to help humanity. It was far better for us to repay the kindness of the demon lord who granted us asylum, it is the same path that anyone in our position would take.」


『… But!』


「Well, it’s fine… Either way, it’s already over. The demon lord was killed by the hero, and I no longer know the whereabouts of the rest of my clan… Well, if I was to stay in that would I would have been persecuted for the sin of cooperating with the demon lord.」


『… I understand your circumstances. I have neither the right nor intention to judge you. However, you have instigated people while claiming to be following the words of a spirit god, in addition, you planning to overthrow this country is something I can’t overlook as someone who follows a similar god. Why are you doing this!』


「It is because I’m serving God. I will bring salvation to this world that lacks the blessing of God.」


『That’s unnecessary. This world has already been through plenty of trial and error, the result of which was the creation of this country. Though it isn’t perfect, it isn’t something that outsiders like us should be influencing!』


「The people who have been abandoned by their god have made efforts to run this country with their own power. However, they are no longer needed since I have come to this world. I will become the beacon that leads these people into the future.」


『Why are you looking down on them! What is the difference between us and the inhabitants of this world!』


「I am an apostle of God. As someone who is blessed by God, it is our duty to lead these people to salvation… It is natural and inevitable.」


『That’s wrong! Having a blessing doesn’t make you superior or inferior to others!』


「I don’t agree with that. If you disagree with me, then you will have to stop me with force… That’s it, let’s make a bet.」


『A bet…?』


「If we fight and you win, I will stop interfering with this world.」


『… Are you telling the truth?』


「It is not a lie. I will pledge it using an oath of magic if necessary.」


An oath of magic. By taking an oath with each other, the magic makes it impossible to act against that pledge. If a person tries to act against the oath, they will become completely disabled.


『And, what if you won…?』


「I will receive you as my prize.」


『… What!?』


「It’s something I’ve been anxious about for a while, that even if I became king, I wouldn’t be able to leave a legitimate heir. If it’s with a shrine maiden, then there would be no shortage of magical power in the blood line. I will give you the honor of becoming my wife and bearing my children. How about it, it isn’t a bad proposition, no?」


「Stop screwing around! Who would ever want that!」


I unintentionally yelled at Aimok. Thrusting out the staff of the world tree in an intimidating manner.


『… Ikuto-san. Please leave this to me.』


Alicia talked to me in a whisper that didn’t reach Aimok.

After hesitating for a moment, I gave a small nod.


『I will take that bet. Then, let’s use the magic of oath.』


「… Very well.」


With a snap of his fingers, a parchment and feather pen appeared in the air between us.


「I, Aimok Hultur Dakurihipos swear. On my defeat in this fight, I will stop interfering with this world.」


The pen moved automatically, the content of his words being written to the parchment in the characters of the other world.


『I, Alicia Heleni Minstia swear. On my defeat in this fight, I will surrender myself to Aimok Hulter Dakurihipos and obey his commands.』


The words Alicia swore were similarly written on the parchment.

While I felt anxious, I entrusted it to Alicia as I watched over the events.


『Ikuto-san, please extend your right hand into the paper.』


As instructed by Alicia, I switched the staff to my left hand, and stretched out my right hand.




The parchment shined brilliantly for a second before shattering into particles and fading away.

Seeing that happen, Aimok laughed while full of satisfaction.


「Kukuku… This is an unexpected harvest. To think, that I would be able to get my hands on a shrine maiden of water!」


「… Not yet, you sure have a lot of confidence even though we haven’t fought yet.」


Incidentally, even if he won, he still wouldn’t get it.

I had smiled wryly when I noticed Alicia’s plan.

It was Alicia that made that oath right now, not me.

Therefore, even if I am defeated and she became a subordinate of Aimok, Alicia can’t do anything without her body. And, the oath doesn’t influence me at all, the one who moves her body.

Regardless, I have no intention of losing.


「… Wait a second. Aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be fighting with Aimok? Don’t just selfishly go off on your own.」


Having finally calmed down Ryouka, Souta interrupted our conversation.


「My bad, Souta, but there is a reason for this. Let me go first.」


「You, if you lose you’re going to become his…? Do you expect me to just shut up and accept that!」


「Even if you say that…」


Looking at us, Aimok smiled and started to speak.


「I don’t mind, I will take on both of you at the same time. It’ll make it more entertaining.」


Seeing Aimoks response to his words, Souta took a stance beside me.


「Well then, I’ll go at you without hesitation. Don’t regret it!」


「Wait… Souta!」


「Isn’t this a fight we can’t afford to lose? Let’s do it together, Ikutari.」


The current Souta was filled with conviction. And Aimok’s personality was the same as in the situation before, he was fully willing to take on both of us at once.

I don’t know how well Souta will do in a battle involving magic, but I was still happy to have him with me.


「Ah, I understand… Then let’s do this, partner.」

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter.
「Isn’t this a fight we can’t afford to lose? Let’s do it together, Ikutari.」 – Did he just tell Ryouka that Alice is Ikutari?

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Filip Dinca
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At least Ryouka will know, depending on the volume of his voice… What, did you expect the secret to stay hidden for 100 chapters? This novel is also a comedy, so, expect crap like this 👌

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Thanks for the chapter.

P.S. A name slip and bam, we got material for the next arc 👍

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Am I the only one seeing the flaw in Alicia’s plan?
That’s still her body even if she can’t control it anymore